Change of trading terms and conditions notice

十二月 07, 2018

Please, be informed that the House of Commons Brexit vote will be held on December 11th 2018.

This event may cause significant volatility increase and liquidity problems in the market that can result in spreads widening and substantial risks. Due to this and in order to protect traders from related possible losses, our company decided to change some of the trading conditions in the days leading up to and after the vote (December 10-12).

First of all the changes will affect the maximum trading volume when opening new or increasing the volume of existing position. The restrictions on trading instruments (for MT4 equivalent in lots) as below:

  • FX pairs: 5 000 000;
  • Gold and Silver: 1,000,000;
  • Oil and Gas: 500 000;
  • Indices and Metals: 300 000;
  • Stocks: 100,000.

Moreover, uncertainty on the market may lead to the leverage and maximum multiplier limitations as below:

  • FX pairs: 50:1;
  • Gold and Silver: 50:1;
  • Oil and Gas: 10:1;  
  • Indices and Metals: 10:1;  
  • Stocks: 4:1. 

Please note that the decision on changing trading terms and conditions will be taken depending on market situation.

We advise you to be very careful when using maximum leverage (multiplier) as it can result in compulsory positions closing when volatility is high and liquidity is low. Please, mind the volume of your open positions and your equity.  We also advise you to increase the balance on the trading account by making additional funds in order to increase capital in case of increased volatility and in case of increased margin requirements in order to avoid undesirable forced closing of your positions